Martine Johanna Illustrates on Fashion Week

July 5, 2021

From the designers’ papers to the runway, and from the runway back to the illustrators’s papers: Martine Johanna found a way to combine her love for high [...]

Bella McGoldrick Hyper-Realistic Drawings

June 23, 2021

We recently covered the latest work of hyper-realistic Australian artist Cj Hendry and over the weekend, we stumbled into another very talented realistic [...]

Toyin Odutola’s Black Portraiture

June 16, 2021

“Where some may see flat, static narratives, I see a spectrum of tonal gradations and realities,” says Toyin Odutola. “What I am creating is literally [...]

Tom Hancocks’ Fluid Art

June 14, 2021

New York based visual artist Tom Hancocks works in a clean, fluid style. Whether in the physical or digital world, he uses white backgrounds to highlight [...]

Pavel Platonov’s Geometric Installations

June 13, 2021

The latest work of Russian artist Pavel Platonov is a departure from his dark, threatening photography.

Matthew Stone’s Digital Paintings

June 13, 2021

Artist and shaman Matthew Stone is a multi-faceted provocateur. He specializes in digital paintings using 3d modeling softwares. Stone hand-paints on glass [...]

Vladislav Erko’s Playing Cards

June 9, 2021

I  absolutely love the illustrations by Ukranian artist Vladislav Erko for this playing cards series. If you are a Paulo Coelho fan you may recognize [...]

Surreal Urban Sculptures by Christian Werner

May 24, 2021

Christian Werner raises the bar with this wonderfully innovative and charming contemporary urban installation.

Brett Manning Ink Illustrations

May 21, 2021

“She loves to draw, and she draws what she loves.” Chicago based artist Brett Manning‘s ink drawings combine textures and patterns, creating these [...]

“Barock” Photographic Installation by Renate Buser

May 10, 2021

Abbey Church of Bellelay, built by Franz Beer in 1714, is made of grandiose ornamented pillars and arches, huge spaces of contemplation and art in the [...]